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Happy birthday Axel

Yesterday was the last day of the school year with kids on campus. We have one more work day today. Why? That's a good question. Some random meetings and things that feel unnecessary. I may have to reassess at the end of the day, but it feels like a wasted day at the moment. The final day felt like any other last day with kids that I've experienced. Sign some yearbooks. Have some assemblies. Make sure kids don't have fines for lost materials. Typical.

My buddy Axel turned 30 yesterday. Same birthday as Brian and Mike Tyson. One day after mine. Feels weird we weren't on a golf course together. However, a bunch of us met at a tap room and knocked back a few, or one in my case. Alcohol and Vicodin probably aren't a good combo.

I'm supposed to be cleaning up my classroom this morning, but thats done already. Living on campus it won't be hard to slip away and catch a nap. We have a barbecue lunch later that will end our year.

I have a good idea of what I'll be teaching next year. The same high level (HL) math classes for 11th and 12th grade and two 10th grade classes. I think I won't have an 8th grade class, but instead a 9th. A nice change with a repeat of most of my schedule the same. Not having to spend my nights reinventing the wheel will be nice. Still on the fence if I want to be a grade level leader again. It doesn't pay much, but I'll probably do it again. I really enjoyed the China Trip week and this will lock me into that. I would love to get up to Inner Mongolia next year.

That assumes I would have the 10th grade having had them last year as 9th graders.

Turning my attention to packing I keep thinking the same thing... I don't have to pack that because I can buy one when I get home. Maybe not a good idea. I hear that inflation has been nuts this past year back in the states. We shall see.

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