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Happy Birthday To Me

Welcome to 54. Life in my early post 40s has been pretty good so far. I didn't tell anyone that it was my birthday except for a very select few. At some point we stop looking forward to the number getting bigger. I'm way past that point. I would rather the day just quietly passed me by.

I was able to lounge on my couch most of the day today. I had one class to teach this morning and they were playing in a chess tournament. Easy cheesy.

Aiyun came down and brought me a birthday cake along with a very cool item that has her name on it. If I had a car here I would hang it from the rear view mirror.

We baked another apple pie tonight. This one is for my ayis. Ayi is the Chinese word for aunt, but they use it to represent ladies that do your cleaning for you like a maid. I've got one that cleans my apartment once a week and another that cleans my classroom everyday. Both work hard and I want to show my appreciation so another pie it is.

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