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Happy Groundhog Day!

I grew up in the town just a few miles immediately south of Punxsutawney, PA. I remember going to Gobbler's Knob at a young age and seeing the festivities. It wasn't as big a deal nationwide back then. The Bill Murray film changed that. Lots of changes in Punxsy now with the ceremony. Lots more people. The head dude now has a conversation with Phil the groundhog. Generally the same result, six more weeks of winter. If you're ever fortunate enough to join me in my old stompin ground like my buddy Tony you can be certain there's a visit to Gobbler's Knob in your future.

I've been grinding this week, but trying to keep a positive attitude and not get sunk in negative vibes. I keep thinking "and this too shall pass". Finally made it to Thursday. Only one class today and two tomorrow. I haven't had much planning time this week and there was lots of extra responsibilities. I was able to check off a bunch of extra boxes this morning and I'm feeling good about most of them.

I took surprise cappuccinos to the two ladies that work in SST (student support team). They do a lot to help my struggling kids and I appreciate their efforts. One girl missed the last month of the first semester and she'll need a lot of help to catch up and complete assessments. Another boy struggles in general and they gave me some good ideas about how to help him after the long break. Poor kid is getting slammed with assessments that cover material from before the break. It's a tough situation for most students, but for this young man it's a monumental task. They let me know he has super supportive parents and that led me in the right direction.

I've got some fun lined for the weekend. Headed to an expat bar with my friend Jeremy to catch some standup comedy. Also planning a hike with my friend Jane on Sunday. I believe we're going to get a good elevated view of the West Lake area. I'll have phone in hand to get some pics.

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My Mom and I always say, "As all good/bad things, this too shall pass." Your use made me smile. Hope all is well.

Me gusta

Ned? Ned Riarson?

All your LID days prepared you for this weeks grind. You‘ve got this!

Me gusta
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