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Harbin Trip Day -1

Tomorrow we head to Harbin. Today we relax and prepare. Aiyun really really really wanted me to go get a massage with her. She's asked me to go get one with her many times. Today I relented and did so only to make her happy.

It wasn't awful, but a little painful at moments. I thought the dude was going to puncture me near my spine with his thumbs a few times. I let him know when it hurt through my excited translator. I'll judge how I feel tomorrow morning. We shall see. Cost was 335RMB for both of us. About $23USD per person. I know that's a smokin good deal. Also of note, they fed us a free lunch of noodles and dumplings too.

Most beds that I've experienced in China are about as soft as concrete. After buying my own bed in the states I found bliss in a super-plush bed. About as soft as you can find. It was heaven. I'm a side sleeper, so putting my shoulder and hip into plywood isn't a pleasant feeling. Aiyun's bed is fairly stiff. She was kind enough to buy a pad that's made it much softer. I did something similar with my bed at my apartment in Hangzhou to make it tolerable. It's probably worth noting that all the hotels I've stayed at in China have had very comfortable beds. A $100 a night hotel in China is about equivalent to a $300 a night hotel in the states. It's been nice to feel like I can splurge there.

Dinner was a restaurant similar to another we've eaten at twice. They do what's called "claypot" rice. The rice on the bottom of these pots gets burned just a bit and ends up crispy. They throw in meats and veggies along with some sauce and you stir it all up. The crispy rice at the bottom is the bomb.

There was also some seaweed and tofu (they call it dofu) soup. The seaweed flavor is just too much for me, but I keep trying it out to see if my opinion alters. Pickled cabbage as is the norm. Good stuff. We tried to grab a single small ice cream cone to share at a KFC on the way home, but they were cleaning the machine so we settled for some tiramisu instead.

Movie together on the couch. Sleep. Up and finish packing tomorrow before we head out.

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