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Headed to Wuxi

On the train headed to see Aiyun for the weekend. Love the convenience of the trains and subway here. Inexpensive and super clean. I'll miss this aspect of China. I thought life without a car was going to be tough, but its far from it in reality. Having a car is such a financial burden compared to all the other forms of transit here. My twenty minute cab ride to the bank yesterday was about $2.50 USD. The first class seat I'm sitting in for a ninety minute train ride was only $23 USD. Tough to beat. Bonus: It's pretty cool standing on the platform when a bullet train zooms by. However, it was pretty scary when one went by inches from my arm at the Wuxi station.

Another train bonus: good time to get some assessment grading done. Vector mathematics and planes in three space for anyone?

Had my first official financial meeting with DSHS attempting to get my mom qualified for Medicaid. I went into the meeting without complete financial records for her, but it's permissible to do this and supply complete records at a later date. It went well overall. I will have to "explain" how some of my mothers money bounced around, but that should be easy enough. She had money in another bank that she transferred to and from, but once I have her complete records I should be able to piece it all together.

This has been a rough week for mom. She was shipped off to the emergency room today because she was uncontrollable. Her behavior has gone from bad to worse. Hallucinations are off the chart. I feel for her. What she thinks she sees is her reality. I also feel for the gal that runs her new home, Simran. Simran had to have her picked up by ambulance and delivered to the emergency room. They administered some drugs for the night to calm her down and wanted to discharge her immediately. They wouldn't admit her to the ER. For profit health care in the states. Marvelous. She's become a patient with mental problems and the system isn't willing/designed to help her.

I'm of little use to her being here in China. I'm still glad I came to China for a lot of reasons, but this ordeal for my mom has really made me second guess my choices. Would it be different if I were at home? I know her condition would be the same regardless, but I would have have been able to deal with most of this in person instead of asking so many others for their time and energy. I feel like my China experience blog has turned into a reporting system for my mom's status. I guess that's where I'm at currently. It's hard for the situation not to consume my thoughts. Looking forward to sitting on the couch with Aiyun and just sort of being. The weather Saturday looks to be a bit nicer. We'll probably get outside and find a park for a good walk. Quality time regardless. Count me in.

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