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Health check and a math lunch

Starbucks? I finally did a search. I’m the blue dot. Each green dot is a Starbucks. Yeah, we’re good.

I had to have a physical exam for some reason today. It’s related to me getting a long term work visa. Not sure of all the details. Height, weight, blood, and urine. They also did some other funky stuff. Chest X-ray, ears, eyes, and of all things…an ultrasound on my tummy. Am I pregnant? Hope not.

When I went to the bathroom for the urine sample I got my first exposure to a squat toilet. I can’t see myself ever using one of these. I’m not going into details. I’ll leave that up to you and the InterGoogle if you’re that curious. To be clear here, yes, that sucker is flat level with the floor. Also, you might notice there’s no paper anywhere. Did you bring your own?

Speaking of health, I fully expected to have my body remind me of my over-exertion yesterday. Fortunately I’m feeling fine. I walked through a bike/scooter shop near my current residence, but there wasn’t a soul to be found. The place was empty. I believe it’s understood that the locals take a long break in the middle of their work day. I need to look into that and will report details as I learn more. The siesta concept makes total sense when mid-day is 100 degrees and humid. I was hoping to find some prices, but only a few were labeled. Good news, the biggest new scooter was under $1000. Such a deal. Better news, I get about $600 to spend on anything to promote better health. Any sporting goods, bike, exercise equipment, etc. I’ll likely resist the temptation to buy a new driver and probably put it toward a new mountain bike. This isn’t a new school thing. This is a China thing. When you purchase your item you have to ask for a special receipt and you can get reimbursed through your employer. Not bad.

Lunch with Matt. He’s one of the other upper school math teachers. There will be three of us. I have a ton of math questions for him, but have purposefully not sent him a bazillion questions as I’m sure he would like to enjoy some of his vacation and get away from his job for the summer. Everything I have questions about can likely be answered quickly and school still doesn’t start until the end of August.

Lunch was great. It was totally picture worthy, but I spaced it. Will go back there and remember to get a pic next time. We sat and talked for nearly two hours. His wife and young daughter live nearby and will be moving to the new campus as well. They have a maid (nanny) that would like more work. For a little under $20 a week I can get some light cleaning done. Sign me up for an hour a week of light dusting/cleaning, but I’m doing my own laundry. I’ve always had an issue with how my laundry gets folded. They call these maids Ayi.

Matt tells me the side of the river where I biked yesterday is generally empty during the day, but comes to life after the sun sets. Will check that out tonight and report back.

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