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Health update

Had a solid fever last night. Felt like I was awake every hour all night long. No way I could be in my classroom today. Planned for a sub and laid on my couch all day. Doing much better now. Should be fine for school tomorrow and ladies poker night.

Easy day at school tomorrow. Only two classes and I should be able to sit in my chair during both periods. I've got some grading to work on. Semester grades and reports are due on Monday.

Spent most of my day watching a series on Apple TV called For All Mankind. It's a fictitious version of the space race. One of my favorite movies has always been The Right Stuff. The Mercury astronauts were a brave group of men. Watching those rockets continue to explode during testing and thinking, yeah, I'm good to get inside of that bomb. It's a compelling story.

Another shot of NyQuil tonight and I hope I sleep much better. Wish me luck.

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07 de dez. de 2023

Dave, one of my good friends from high school has a son who worked on that show. His name is Robert LaPorte. He is in the credits as an assistant to one of the producers.

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