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Health update

Back to the hospital to speak to a doctor I can communicate with in their International Department. Had a long list of questions. Walking away feeling satisfied that I'm fine.

Met with Dr. Yang. She took me through the pile of paperwork that I had acquired and had me take another blood test so she could check my white blood cell count. All good there as I'm returning to normal. She hooked me up with four more days of the antibiotic that I've been taking. I get to go back in a month to have another chest CT-scan to make sure I'm in the clear.

Nurses in the International Department were able to help me sort through my paperwork and receipts (fapios) that I'll need to send to my insurance company to get reimbursed for my emergency room visits last week. Total of about $100USD. They don't do insurance in the ER. Have to pay for everything there and get reimbursed if you're laowei (foreigner). No fapios today. I was able to use my insurance card and they will bill the company for todays visit. Here's what I will need to scan and submit.

Paperwork sucks, but I'm willing to take care of it for $100. Those small oval shapes in the papers are what mark them as "official" Fapios. The Fapio is a big deal round these parts. It's an official government receipt in China. If you want to get reimbursed for something you're going to need a Fapio.

Lots of basketball over the next four days. Going to be a couple of late nights tomorrow and Thursday. Road games. Will update with how the team performs.

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