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Here comes the new year

Well, Chinese New Year. Looking forward to spending a week with Aiyun. She'll be here Thursday. We get the long weekend here in Hangzhou and then we'll head to Shanghai next Tuesday to meet up with her family.

School has been a grind this week. With no school Friday and the following week off kids are turning into zombies. Teachers in the states can relate to the days just before Christmas or spring break. I've purposefully made sure to do activities where they need to get out of their seats and move around. Not always easy in a math class, but a good scavenger hunt is just the right call. Individual practice problems on separate pages that have an answer from another page. These pages are listed on the walls around my room and out in the hallway. Solve the problem and go find the answer on another page. Keep going until you solve them all. Gets them moving, they can work with a partner, and they practice some math stuff. Perfect.

Not much new on the mom front. Spoke to her on the phone yesterday and she was lucid, but confused about some things. She was under the impression that I got married and I have a new baby boy. News to me. It's a bit of a weird dynamic. Do I correct her? I get that her brain issues aren't a character flaw. It's not something she can control. When she repeats herself I keep replying the same way. That's interesting, mom. I didn't know that. I haven't brought up the topic of her having to move. Not sure what the best way to bring it up is going to be. We're still waiting to hear from Lynden Manor, so that's a hold for the moment. I did talk to two representatives from DSHS about her eligibility for Medicaid. That's a pointless endeavor until she runs out of money. A nice catch 22. Not able to pay your bills? You can't live here. Have more than $2000, your too wealthy for Medicaid. Ugh. I was advised to get the process rolling quickly. It's self serving advice and a waste of DSHS's time.

Several days without a new blog post and I don't have much interesting to share. Perhaps the year of the dragon will bring some excitement. See ya in another twelve years rabbit.

Last thing to add for tonight... it's snowing outside, with fireworks. Random fireworks will be a thing here for the next week. Take a look.

Cold as hell this week, but the weekend looks good, like, really good. Might get into the 70s with some sun. Perhaps a golf course or a driving range.

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