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HISAC is the Hangzhou international school basketball tournament. Kids played three games today. Games were two 15 minute running clock halfs. Super quick games that lasted just over thirty minutes. Varsity team finished 1-2 and took fourth place out of eight teams. So many aspects this that were WAY different to anything I've experienced in the states.

  • We have super limited practice time with our team. Hoops is very far down their list when it comes to priorities. Kid has a test tomorrow? Kid has piano lesson? Kid doesn't feel like being there? Likely not at practice. The number of "committed" players is a short list. You would think there's an easy response as a coach, but admin expects all these kids to get playing time.

  • We took a varsity and a JV team to this tournament. The JV team played against varsity teams. We had no idea this was going to happen. Their first game was 28-1 at halftime. I felt terrible for the kids that got stuck in this situation. I made sure the athletic directors got my full opinion. When they started making excuses I was fairly direct. Buck stop on your desk? Own it. Apologize. Learn from it. I was super pissed, but kept my calm. No elevated voices. No emotion. Acknowledged that they have a difficult job, but this was unacceptable.

  • Two losses for the varsity kids were both very close games. We're good enough to win a tournament like this, but needed our two missing players and a little more time to gel as a team. We lost to a team today that we beat by 40 a week ago. Ugh.

  • Kids had some fun. Learned a few things. Hoping this will change their approach to practice. Some of them got humbled today.

  • Our season isn't long. Only about five weeks left. I think two more individual games and two tournaments. SISAC (Shanghai) and ACAMIS. ACAMIS is the biggie at the end.

Poker night on Friday this weekend. Good times. Dropped two buy-ins, but had fun as always. Played three hours and raked three pots. It happens. Looking forward to another ladies poker night next Friday. My colleague Marcela is from Columbia. She volunteered to provide an authentic Latin dinner for everyone before poker. Margaritas, tacos, and poker. Going to be a fun night.

Hoping to get a round of screen golf in Sunday with my buddy Ian. Also need to spend some time in my classroom preparing for the coming week.

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