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Hug my daughter and tell her I love her. Take my pupper dawg for a walk.

When the Dude saw me I can't really say he was wagging his tail. It was more of an entire body wag. We were both super excited to see each other. it was dark out and already started to get cold. Whatever, we got our walk in.

Breakfast with my family the next morning and went with my buddy Brian up to his cabin at Lake Cavanaugh for the 4th.

Got to reconnect with Brian, Ted, and Tony. Played some cribbage and watched some fireworks.

I was super tired and took about a three hour nap in the afternoon. Serious jet lag. Today I need to connect with Dave Brannon at my bank to get him signed into our union bank account. I've been our union treasurer since I started my teaching career. Glad we have someone else replacing me while I'm gone. I've been wondering if I will want that job back. Probably not. Also need to hit Costco today and fill my car with gas. That's going to be a different experience. I haven't had to do that in a year. I expect a tank of gas to be equal to my food budget in a China for a whole week.

Tomorrow I'll get a chance to hang out with mom for a bit. She's been frustrated with not remembering how to play card games because of her failing memory. I'm thinking maybe we try some more basic games like war or uno. Hope that goes well.

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