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Boys had a "friendly" last night at Wycombe Abbey International School. We've played them twice already. First time we blew them out. Second time we lost in a close game. Last night we destroyed them. Boys got out and ran well. Fast break was on point leading to many layups. How do young men in China celebrate after a big win on the bus ride home? See for yourself.

Tonight we have another friendly with Basis. We've also played them twice splitting games. This is a legit opponent. They have some talent, but not much discipline. The game we lost to them they killed us on the three point arc. This notion of a friendly game is just bizarre to me. They're practice games that count for nothing. It's all about preparing for the tournaments. This first biggie is this coming Saturday. SISAC. It's bejng held just north of us in Suzhou. After the games I'll head north to spend a day with Aiyun in Wuxi.

Boys played well. Ran the court well again and got some clutch buckets in key moments. It was close the entire game. Good momentum builder for the tournament this weekend. Happy kids. Happy parents. Happy coaches.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
29 gen

Nice win!

p.s. The celebration mood looks soo fun haha

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