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Hospital trip, again

F me. I had a solid scare today. Here's the short version: Kidney stone, infection in my lung, and I didn't drink any water. Result? Massive pain under my right shoulder blade through to the right side of my chest. I was fairly concerned for a few hours, but now I'm thinking all is well. I'm at hospital still getting an IV with meds in it. Feeling so much better that working tomorrow seems reasonable.

Long version: Woke up feeling like crap. Both my shoulders were hurting and my lower back has been bothering me. I attributed that to standing for a long time in lines this past week. Got out of bed, showered and dressed. Just felt downright awful. Not really sick. Just sort of... Ugh.

I started my day teaching three classes, all ninety minutes long. Overall I was in good spirits. Enjoyed seeing my kids again and hearing about their break. Did some fun activities for a first day back. Several non-cash prizes. I got some new ones in my treasure chest too. Bigger colored dinosaurs. Awesome. However, several times today I felt a twinge of pain under my right arm in the ribs. A few times it sort of tweaked and I got a quick spasm of pain. Weird. Okay. It happened enough times that I started replaying what I did recently that could have caused this. Was assuming it was muscular in nature, like a pull or a strain. I hit some golf balls on Monday and felt great. Hmm.

Last period of the day was open. I had some quick grade level leader responsibilities, but was back at my desk and ready to plan out more stuff for the rest of the week. As I sat in my chair the pain got worse. It was starting to affect my breathing. Spasms were happening more often. In my chair I couldn't get comfortable. Eventually I had to get up. I figured I needed to get to my apartment and drop some Advil. Lie on the couch. Try to relax. Walking across my room I realized something was wrong. By the time I made to the elevator I had decided that I needed to talk to the nurse. Her office was right off the first floor elevator.

The next ten minutes the pain escalated. It got bad. She could tell I was struggling. I couldn't take anything more than short quick breathes. Anytime I tried to fill my lungs my right side seized up. It hurt. Immediately she suggested the hospital. I agreed. She got a driver and we were off. The ride there was excruciating. I started making my mental list. Who to call? Who to send a message. It wasn't a long list, but it made me prioritize pretty quickly.

Getting out of the car was relief. I was doing much better standing up and walking. Being bent over and using my arms made the pain far worse. It makes sense now why it started to hurt so bad at my desk. However, I still couldn't take anything other than short gaspy breathes. Nurse Li Ping is my new hero. She came with me to the hospital to translate.

Same process as I went through about seven months ago when I crashed my bike and landed on my head. Check in. Triage to ask questions. Collect data (blood work and a CT scan. Wait a bit for the data and take it back to my admitting doctor. Next step found me sitting in a room full of people getting IVs. Nurse Li brought me a couple bottles of water. When the first bag ran dry I thought great, I can go home. Not so much. I needed to put down FIVE of these babies. One of them was a different color. I think that's the one with the steroids in it. Sweet. Lets lift some weights tomorrow and get pumped up!

In the middle of bag two I had a realization. I need to take a leak. I downed one and a half bottles of water. I'm on my second bag of salt water. Bladder says, yo. How you doing? By this point I'm feeling good enough that when Nurse Li said she needed to bolt I was fine. Thanks for the help. Appreciate you a ton. I've already asked some of the right people what I should get for her as a thank you. Candy says get fat. Flowers say I think you're hot. Perfect gift is a special box of fruit. Will get on that tomorrow.

Back to the bladder action. Using my most American subtle hand wave I get the attention of a nurse. Chinese people are not subtle in this regard. When they call for service the whole room is going to know it. Toilet. She gets it. I have to carry my bag and the bathroom is only 15 feet away. Bladder relieved, but now my drip has stopped. Dang. Some adjustments that I think would make Nurse Marni cringe and we're back in business. Cringeworthy? She got of my blood on her non-gloved hand. It's officially 7:00 and I'm still on bag two of five. I'm going to be here a while. Better stopping writing on my phone. I will need some charge to get home tonight.

When I got to bag five I asked if I could lie down. I have been sitting in a chair for about four hours now. Not good. No mater how I laid down the pain came shooting back. Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight. I'm still doing better, but my most comfortable position is sitting up. I tried to lay down again. Not good.

Leaving the hospital turned into a small nightmare. The nurse who took my IV out made a mess. Lots of blood. On the floor. On me. On my pants. When trying to lie down I still had some severe pain, so I wanted to ask what medication I can take. And tomorrow morning? Can I take more? My one question: I have ibuprofen. Can I take that when I get home and in the morning? Eventually, yes, that's safe. Frustrating, but I know it's on me. I can't expect them to speak English, and the translation app I was using wasn't very helpful. I could have asked a friend to translate, but it's 10:37PM right now. I wasn't going to do that for one question. Nurse Li was very helpful, but I'm realizing now I have no idea what they pumped into my body, and I have to go back for at least two more days and get more antibiotics pumped in me through an IV. Got be sure to bring my own wipes and cleaning supplies. When I got sent to the bathroom to wash my one hand using the same hand there were no towels in the bathroom. No toilet paper either. Lessons learned.

When I crawled into bed it felt so good. The bed was so soft and the pain wasn't there. I was out quickly, but woke up at 2:30 AM just covered in sweat. I could have wrung my shirt out. I stumbled to the shower to clean off. Slowly it hit me, the pain was gone. I feel high, like all drugged up, but I can take deep breathes and there's no pain. Cool.

Update: next morning I still feel the presence of the pain just under the right shoulder blade, but going to work. Will take it easy, but feeling like the worst is far behind me now.

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