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I caught a cold

Sore throat. Stuffed nose. Achy. Damn. I've got a full day of classes tomorrow and only one class to teach the next day.

Tomorrow is all about survival. Independent student work in a quiet room. Bother the teacher and face the wrath, or at least a nose blown in your general direction. I wish. I've got material to cover and activities to lead. I've done it before. Ill survive. However, this getting older thing is a pain.

I've got the only two DayQuil pills left in all of China. I'll down them around 7:00am and soldier on. Wish me luck.

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14. Feb. 2023

I love Dayquil. It's like a real life version of yelling "Thunder, thunder, thundercats, ho-o-o-o-o" and then doing what needs to be done.

Gefällt mir
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