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I got an Ayi

So, what’s an “Ayi”. That’s a maid. Her name is Xiao Xie (shouw shay). It means Small Thanks. That’s a cool name. Most of the teachers here have one. It’s considered a good thing for us to have one. We integrate more with the folks that live here and help to funnel some money back to the locals. Ayis have good paying jobs here based on the average salaries. I was told the hourly salary, but can’t remember at the moment. I think it was around $15 or $20 an hour.

My plan is to have her here twice a week for an hour. She works close to full time for another family in the teacher apartments already so she was looking for a few extra hours with someone else. Good fit.

She starts this coming Friday, but wanted to buy supplies for my place. She hit me with a message on WeChat with some questions and she was off and running. I told her if it smells like citrus I’m on board. She sent me these pics along with receipts and some other questions.

That lead to me transferring her funds via WeChat. Easy peazy lemon squeezy.

The AliPay and WeChat thing is just slick. I had to share a taxi with Jeremy a few weeks ago. I paid for the taxi. He zipped me half the cost in seconds with his phone. Same deal for dinner that night.

I figured the Friday/Monday combo was best. During the week I won’t be here as much as on the weekend. I’m glad Xiao Xia will be here Friday. This place is starting to get a layer of dirt on it, and I’ve got nothing to clean with.

Extra fun note of the day. I get paid Wednesday at noon. I ran out of money Monday night trying to buy dinner. I’ve been guessing what my local balance is. I won’t be able to know my balance until I have a long term work visa (should be next week). I made $1500 stretch for just over a month. The last thing I was able to purchase? Toilet paper. That was a close one.

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Aug 30, 2022

So how'd you pay for dinner? Need more details about your fun stories. 😁

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