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I got the crud

Started a couple of days ago with the typical soar throat and sniffles. Today I think I have a fever. Supposed to have a basketball game tonight. Ugh. I don't want to miss it, but not sure if I can.

It's sort of sweeping through our school. Of course the US media is glomming onto the idea that there's a terrible illness killing kids all over China. Ummm. No. It's a cold. It's winter time. People are heading inside and sharing germs. It happens.

Am I hypersensitive to stories like this being here? Certainly. There's a catch 22. If China reports anything it's not to be believed. All their statistics are going to be assumed to be made up. If they don't report anything they're hiding something. I can tell you, I'm in the experiment. Kids are getting sick and staying home. It's similar to what I've witnessed for years as a teacher in the states. Yes, my small little world here isn't a random sample of children in China, but these kids pass germs too.

Basketball game is against the school that won the tournament we were just at. They're good, but so are we. Really want to be there for them.

Game over. Winner winner chicken dinner. Boys played with heart and executed well. Got up 15 at one point, but they made a serious run late. They had a player come down and hit several threes. I'm sure he hit at least five in the game. Perhaps six.

With less than ten seconds they pulled to within three, but one of our guards iced the game late with two free throws. A cool moment for him and the squad after a disappointing tournament last weekend.

I'm spent. My throat is toast. Like, slightly burned toast. Going to be a tough day at school tomorrow. Luckily one of the classes is taking a test.

Super happy for the boys. They're jacked up and confident now. Not hubris, but belief in the idea that they are getting good looks out of the offenses. They're programmable. Smart and disciplined kids makes teaching offense much easier.

Okay. Bedtime. Soak me in NyQuil and let the sleep commence.

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