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I’m not even Irish!

Got great news this morning. Mom has been accepted as a resident at The Cottages at Edgewood in Tacoma. It's not far from her sisters. She cried happy tears when I told her this morning on the phone.

My favorite sprint car driver Brent Marks won a World of Outlaws race in Texas starting from the seventh spot. Watching him throw dive-bomb slide jobs at Carson Marcedo was super cool.

Aiyun arrives tonight. We're going to be trying a new restaurant with friends Zach and Gillian this weekend in Hangzhou. It's a favorite of my superintendent and his wife. She's from Mexico. I've been searching for a good Mexican meal here in China. Not an easy find. The one place called Taco Brothers that I used to frequent closed up shop last year. They had great street tacos.

Lucky much? Today just seems to be coming together with happy things one on top of another. That picture is nearly perfect. A Chinese waving lucky cat. Painted in a Mexican theme. Just needed to be holding a bottle of Irish Whisky. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I actually might have some Irish in me. I know my dads family was descended from Germany, but my moms family is mostly European mutts as far as I know. I've considered doing the 23 and Me thing to learn more about my genetic history. Do I want to do the medical report as well to know what I might be more susceptible to have happen as I age? Hmmm. Not sure there.

Got a full yoga routine in between watching some golf and sprint cars. Thanks, Maureen. I really appreciate the videos you put on YouTube. Not the same as attending your classes in person, but much better than nothing. I haven't been doing that as often as I should. Writing about it here will help keep me accountable.

More good news. Steve told me the Meridian girls golf team won their first match since he's been the coach. The goal all these years has been to have fun and encourage participation. Just trying to get kids comfortable on the course so they would feel competent with their family during a weekend of golf. I'm sure that's still the overall focus, but an extra element of fun with some team success too.

After getting cleaned up I'll probably hit my personal driving range to smack some golf balls. Today's focus will be shoulder turn and keeping the left arm pressed against the body to encourage a body swing instead of arms. I would much rather be on a golf course keeping score, but I have to admit the amount of pure practice I've put in recently has been fun. It's giving me a chance to really focus on small aspects of the golf swing and I'll always enjoy learning and experimenting.

My buddy Ian joined me on our mini range. Good times. Heading out soon to meet Aiyun at the train station. This... has been a solid day. Looking forward to making more great days as opposed to letting them randomly happen.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
Mar 18

Thats great news! i hope she likes it there!

And yeah that golf match was awesome! I was taking photos and dallas was on fire!

Have a fun weekend!!


Bravo on all fronts! So happy you found a place for your mom—a monumental task to do that from afar, even though I know awesome Moira helped you. Love the cat and message. Have a great weekend with A , and keep doing you❣️


All great news, must be a huge relief off your shoulders!

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