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I need a haircut

Okay. Big deal, right? Get a haircut. Ummm. Yeah. It is. I’ve had the same person cut my hair for just over 30 years. Having to walk into a barber shop in the states would be awkward for me. And I’m awkward enough on my own. Throw in “other side of the world” and the obvious language issues…this could get interesting.

Met Molly last night. She’s the wife of my new athletics and activities guy, Felipe. She suggested a place next to Powerlong Mall. I need to hit that place to try and find some pillows for my couch today. Pillows? Yeah. Chalk it up to my online incompetence. I tried to buy pillows on TaoBao, but of course I only bought pillow cases. :FacePalm:

Dinner last night was a whole faculty party at the second Ciao Uncle location. An interesting place with an antique U.S. vibe. I’m

Molly asked about my interest in dating Chinese women. She is from Beijing and married a guy from the states. It’s a common theme that I’m seeing a lot around campus. Of course the thought has crossed my mind more than once. Sure. At some point I’ll look into that, but I’m a bit swamped with school at the moment. She also told me I’ll be in high demand because I teach math. It’s a celebrity status thing here. Math teachers are placed on high here and the job comes with prestige. She described it as the top position in any school. Ok. A bit different from the ultimate nerd status in the states. I might be a tad uncomfortable with celebrity status.

Haircut achieved.

So, how did we get to this image?

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