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I’ve damaged myself

Crud. About two weeks ago I did something to my Achilles' tendon in my right ankle. I was playing basketball on a Friday night. We have a gang of teachers that gets together and plays some form of game. They are a great crowd. Most just want to have some fun and drink some beer. Some want to drink a lot of beer. Good times.

Tonight it was ultimate frisbee. I was feeling better, but not 100%. We were nearly finished and I got a sharp pain in the same ankle. I over did it. Did it "pop"? Maybe. I'm not sure, but it hurt. I limped off the field. Lots of concerned friends offered me ice. Honestly, the only thing racing through my mind was my tee time this coming Sunday morning. If I can't golf this Sunday I'm going to cry. Well, maybe not cry, but I'm going to be unhappy.

At the moment I'm limping around my apartment. It feels similar to how it did two weeks ago. Not too swollen, but very tender to the touch. Maybe a litttle worse. My guess is I'm done with running for about a month.

Damn it. This getting older thing sucks.

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