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I’ve seen the ARMY

Ok. That was different. See for yourself.

Well, this is what Andrea calls the army. I guess they are out next to the river every night. The walkway is full of groups, walkers, bikes, and even a jogger gang that had someone carrying a banner flag in front. Wished I had gotten a picture of that.

There are tons of paths out in the open and then some more secluded ones just on the other side of the road. Those ones are in the shade of trees. Most likely more popular in day time. Last note on the river walk, those two blue lanes are covered in a rubbery surface like a track. I know Mike Holz would dig that. They go on for miles and miles. After I get a bike of some form I plan to see how far it goes.

Arranged breakfast with one couple in the morning and drinks at night with another couple. Also have dinner with the boss, his wife, and a few other newbies as well. This making new friends thing isn’t my strong suit. Try, live, learn. The plan is to ask questions as much as possible. Listen, then ask more questions to clarify and allow them to expand on their stories. Will report of my efforts.

Solid breakfast joint. Spent a whole $3 for a full tray. Not bad. Also found another store that’s closer to my current residence that has a bit more stuff. We talked about a lot more math stuff today. Matt and I seem very similar in our philosophy overall. I can tell it will be a great working relationship.

Breakfast was two eggs, a deep fried round thing with rice in it. The bowl of rice with onions and peppers. It was sort of like a Spanish rice. Yogurt, a couple sesame rolls (sweet like donuts). A “soy” drink (sort of a sweeter milk) and a bottle of unsweetened green tea. Seriously, $3.

After breakfast I hit some golf balls on the turf soccer field at the old school. I put a garbage can at 50 yards and tried to pitch one in. Hit the can several times off of a bounce, but nothing jarred.

After just a bit of time I started to feel the pressure. To the right of the field is this…

I had an audience after a short while. Hated to disappoint, but I think I gave the crowd a few thrills as in my last bucket of attempts I had a lot of close ones.

Finally heard from my mom today after a week. She has her phone on mute. Hoping Moira will stop by today to help her fix that. She’s entertained at Summit Place and staying busy. That’s been a concern of mine, but apparently a non-issue. Fortunately, I’ve kept my Amazon Prime account alive so I can order her things to be delivered right to her door anytime she has a request.

Until tomorrow, Hope I don’t drink too much tonight. I have a hard time remembering to hydrate, so hangovers are a thing I have to deal with.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 05, 2022

With an audience like that ya gotta feel like you're at a PGA event on the 18th tied with Steve, Tony, and Brian... just for the record.... my money is on you! and Steve, Tony, and Brian bring on the trash talking... And Andy I'm happy (and pissed) that you put the bug in Dave's ear about doing this overseas thing...Great for him and selfishly for me I'm missing my friend and brother.


Andy Donahue
Andy Donahue
Aug 04, 2022

Seen anyone doing Tai Chi yet? You might dig it... Super fun to see all of your adventures; thanks for posting so much. I'm excited for you to have this adventure.

David Shick!
David Shick!
Aug 06, 2022
Replying to

I hear the Tai Chi group is a morning thing. Plan to check that out as soon as I have wheels. For the moment its WAY too hot and WAY too humid to walk that far. Heat index today was 114 with the humidity factored in !!!

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