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IB Finals Finished

Day one of the exams finished at 5:00pm on Monday for my high level (HL) students and I was waiting outside for them with their homemade apple pie. It's the facial expressions that immediately hit me with fear or relief. Today? Relief. There were some smiles and grins. The question of "How did it go?" was met with okays and not too bad. One of my students that I was worried about responded with a "tolerable". I'll take that as a win.

They won't finish with the second three hours of testing until 5:30 Tuesday. I have a class I'm taking so I won't be able to be there when the testing ends. That sucks. I won't see some of them for another two weeks, and that's if they decide to come back. If they do I've got some activities ready to go. We will build 3D solids from cardboard and do a bit of calculus calculating volumes of bizarre shapes. I might also try to sneak them down to the kitchen to bake apple pies together. Just for fun. The two that I made this last weekend? I didn't eat a single slice. I gave it all away. It's a satisfying feeling. It's spreading joy. It sounds weird, but I think I would rather teach that lesson instead of math. Your task? Make an apple pie and give it ALL away. I might be onto something here. Hmm.

I will get my hands on the test questions Wednesday after school. Good times ahead as I sit down to create an answer key for my kiddos to check out.

In other news, I didn't have anything planned for this coming weekend, so I'm getting on a train and heading back to Shanghai for part of the weekend. The cost of the train is super cheap and I can get there in an hour. Planning on hitting the Bund area again. Perhaps the observation deck of the tower? I'm struggling to navigate the website to buy a ticket. Hopefully I can get some help with that from one of my friends that speaks Chinese. We'll see, but for the moment I'm just going to wing it again. Hoping to hit the golf course Sunday morning with Queenie early Sunday morning.

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