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In the news today?

Typhoon Muifa is hitting Shanghai tonight. I've gotten several warnings on my phone about wind and rain. We're far enough off the coast that it shouldn't be a big deal. Here, read all about it.

Well, I can read it because my phone translates Mandarin with a sweet little app called WeChat. When I look at the same image I can see this.

So much easier. The news isn't exactly fun to read in this case, but this app has come in handy quite often. I probably take about 20 screen shots a day and have it translate for me. At the end of each day I have to dump all the pictures from my phone. If I didn't they would pile up fast.

I have an open house tomorrow night. I can tell my principal is nervous. We're about to have a mountain of Asian parents descend on our campus. They are...different...than American parents. Like, really different. Expectations are crazy off the charts. I'm seeing the pressure they put on their kids, and it doesn't appear to be healthy. Our counselors have a tough job.

Example. We don't have bells between classes. For some students, they want to take advantage of it and walk into class late. When I approached one young man this week about walking in late he asked me what his punishment would be. Detention? Something after school? I told him no. I don't do that. I told him I don't punish students. I leave that up to parents. When I told him I would drop a note to his parents he looked horrified. Immediate change in his behavior all around. He was afraid. Like, uncomfortably afraid. I felt kind of bad for him. Oh well, I bet he's not going to be late to class again. Asian parents? Yeah. Different.

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I think we are in total agreement. I meant the extreme pressure to perform is unhealthy. A reasonable expectation with boundaries and consequences is vitally important. It seems China and others go too far one direction and we often go too far the other direction.


Sep 14, 2022

SNL, I'd disagree a little. I think consequences for kids from parents is absolutely healthy, just like here at school. Children need and want boundaries because it a) let's them know what is OK when they don't really have any way to know otherwise, and b) it gives them opportunities to test those boundaries as they mature.

On the topic of alerts, there were some fires down around Seattle this weekend. I was in Monroe and ALL our phones went off at the same time. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. Now! Now! NOW!. Five minutes later. Alert! Alert! ALERT! Sorry about the accidental evacuate alert. Never mind, it's good. 🤣


Have heard from others a similar story in terms of pressure. While it doesn't seem healthy, there are times I wish some of our parents had more consequences for their kids. Wonder about the longer term consequences for your students. What impact does "failure" have down the road? And how is that determined in their culture?

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