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Inner Mongolia Day 4

We took the cell phones from every student last night. Our tent night from two days previous was awful when it came to sleeping. Lesson learned. Better last night in the yurts, but I did have to get up around 1:30am to tell one group lights out. I got to sleep on an air mattress. Much more comfortable than the hard sand.

Breakfast followed by four ninety minute stations today. Lunch between two of the stations.

  • Horseback riding

  • Yurt building

  • Yurt painting as community service

  • Archery

I got on a horse with the first group. Of course I had to be on the horse that didn’t want to walk. He was the lead that wanted to take off on a sprint. Not going there. I had to have a guide lead me walking the horse for most of the time. Not a shocker given that liability here and in the states are two different things. If you do something even remotely dangerous here you are to blame for anything that might go bad. Several of the horses weren’t exactly tame. However, there was a majority of them that were all about walking slowly in a line.

The yurt building was a cool team activity. Kids struggled to build one that was solid.

Of course the painting as community service wasn’t so popular. Sanyutka here was a trooper. The group of boys that were burned out and tired to finish the day? Not so much.

Archery was pretty cool. Seeing kids trying to hit the target was fun. However, the path we took riding horses went just a stones throw behind those targets. Glad they opted to cease fire as we strolled by.

We packed our bags and left the grasslands. One more night in Hohhot before leaving tomorrow. We had a group of girls that wanted to have time to souvenir shop, so we budgeted in some time this afternoon when arriving back in the city. For the students that didn’t want to shop for souvenirs I implemented a dollar store challenge.

The dollar store challenge came about long ago. I think it was during a state basketball tournament. We had to entertain some kids for an hour or two. We dropped them off at a Dollar Store (everything is $1) and promised a prize to the person for that could buy the most interesting thing. Gave them all a dollar and a dime (tax) and away they go. I vaguely remember the first time I did this. Winner was a pregnancy test. For a dollar. Yeah.

Looks like I got about fifteen submissions last night. Going to have to compile a voting system

The market area we went to to in Hohhot (pronounced Hoo-ha-how-teh) was cool. Lots of old looking buildings and tons of small souvenirs.

I bought a bunch of gifts for our Karst guides. Always so thankful they entertain and educate our kids. Just a really nice group of people.

Felt like we got the full Inner Mongolia experience with the desert and the grasslands. When talking Mongolia it’s all about Gjengis Khan. He’s more than idolized here. It borders on calling him a full blown religion.

It’s official. Lamb is by far my favorite meat. Will miss that terribly in the states. Going to have to find a solution there. This was our last dinner in Mongolia. Ellie is taking the video while Gillian rotates the center. This gigantic rotating lazy-Susan is standard in most Chinese restaurants because most meals are family style. Ellie asked us all to not swear for a moment while she takes the video. Of course this results in words like “penis” and other choice vocabulary being yelled. I think this was take three.

Last night in the hotel was quiet and uneventful. Lots of exhausted kids that had a fun experience in Inner Mongolia.

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Dude, there are several places to get lamb in Bellingham. The 2 Greek restaurants serve it, Thai Maison does as well, I'm sure the other Thai restaurants do There is a place (Lamb Legacy) that sells local lamb.

Replying to

Thanks. I knew about the Greek restaurants, but not the others. Looking forward to trying out some new places in town.

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