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Inner Mongolia Day 5

The journey home begins. Buffet breakfast similar to every other hotel I’ve stayed in within China. We hit a museum on the way to the airport and zipped kids through it in about forty five minutes. It was all the time we had because of getting a late start. Dragging a couple of kids out of bed is both good and bad. The bad is obvious. The good is we’re doing our job stuffing their days with activities so they’re exhausted. Their hallways were super quiet last night when I did my final room checks. The dinosaur and fossil exhibit there was outstanding. Perhaps the largest brontosaurus I’ve ever seen, but my favorite was this mammoth.

Karst Climbers is the company that our school contracts with to organize the trips. They plan all the activities, meals, and schedules. They lead guide was Longyun. It was our second year working together. She was super flexible and easy to work with. The kids liked her so much last year that they requested her to be the lead guide again this year.

From left to right, Boos (Papua NG), Hector (Spain), Longyun (Kunming), me, Echo (Guandong), and Alex (Shanghai). Feels like I’ve made several good friends this past week. Hearing their individual stories about how they ended up working for Karst in China was very cool.

Karst supplies the kids with a scavenger hunt in the museum. Winners got a prize.

I narrowed down the dollar store challenge to four contestants. Here were the candidates.

And after the voting…

I timed it so the winner was announced just as the bus was arriving back at HIS. Claire received a loud and long applause. It’s a good feeling to know I provided some extra entertainment to the kids.

Just for Calvin: Yes, I investigated äärаg (also know as kumis). It’s the fermented milk from a horse and the national drink of Mongolia. Super sweet low alcohol (about 2%) with a bit of a sour lemon flavor. I liked it a lot. So much so that I brought some back with me to share with friends and also bought some on TaoBao that will get delivered this weekend.

These annual trips the school takes the kids on are part of their tuition and considered part of their curriculum. The kids love them. Some of the teachers enjoy them. I had a blast both years. Sure, there were parts of the week that were stressful and a pain, but overall a great experience. Perhaps my perspective would change if I was on my fifth visit to the same place.

A happy birthday wish to Steve and a congrats on a successful Meridian girls golf season. So happy to hear he fielded a competitive team this year that was the top 1A school in the league.

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