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It’s a birthday party!

Natalio and Chantelle are a teaching couple that live here in our apartment complex. The apartments are called Mountain View because of the view out our windows I guess. More of a hill really, but it’s a nice view.

Both Natalio and Chantelle share the same birthday, so we had a soirée last night at their place. Both Axel and Matalio play guitar so a bit of sing-along broke out. John Denver, Cat Stevens, and other folksy types. Good times. Losing My Religion was my favorite. Cake. Snacks. Way too much wine again. Need to stop that. I hate the feeling next morning when I don’t drink enough water. Ugh. I think I’ve written that same thing at least three times in the past month.

Left to right. Chantelle, Anita (w/ Aluna), Axel, Nat, Tara, Dylan, Jaime, Maffe (just a shoe), and me. There were many others here too. Nina, Paulo, Richard, Tia, Jeremy, Justine, Ruth, Carolina,…

Just got another pic. This is most of us. Jaime is I front taking the selfie.

Good times. This is a great community to be apart of. I’ve been lucky to be a part of one at Meridian High School as well as the new one here. Teachers are a caring community. I’ve learned a lot from them all. Truthfully, lucky doesn’t begin to describe it. Blessed. Embraced. Cared for. Looked after. Entertained. Guided. Really, just loved.

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Ahh, Durk. You know I love me some good metal. Sabbath has always been a favorite. It's just there is some new great hard rock since Maiden passed It's prime, like The Pretty Reckless Greta Van Fleet, Dorothy, etc.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Sep 07, 2022

Glad to see that you took the back row... in the group pic... regardless of who makes up the staff photo always look for Dave in the back... insert shocked baby face here :) Be well my friend!... but I'm sad to see that there were no metal songs in that playlist... ok ok it's an acquired taste (I can feel Steve rolling his eyes)


I'm late to the game on the blog but have enjoyed catching up on your journey. Glad you are having a great time.


So happy for you that this aspect of your adventure has gone so well.

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