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It’s a birthday party!

Natalio and Chantelle are a teaching couple that live here in our apartment complex. The apartments are called Mountain View because of the view out our windows I guess. More of a hill really, but it’s a nice view.

Both Natalio and Chantelle share the same birthday, so we had a soirée last night at their place. Both Axel and Matalio play guitar so a bit of sing-along broke out. John Denver, Cat Stevens, and other folksy types. Good times. Losing My Religion was my favorite. Cake. Snacks. Way too much wine again. Need to stop that. I hate the feeling next morning when I don’t drink enough water. Ugh. I think I’ve written that same thing at least three times in the past month.

Left to right. Chantelle, Anita (w/ Aluna), Axel, Nat, Tara, Dylan, Jaime, Maffe (just a shoe), and me. There were many others here too. Nina, Paulo, Richard, Tia, Jeremy, Justine, Ruth, Carolina,…

Just got another pic. This is most of us. Jaime is I front taking the selfie.

Good times. This is a great community to be apart of. I’ve been lucky to be a part of one at Meridian High School as well as the new one here. Teachers are a caring community. I’ve learned a lot from them all. Truthfully, lucky doesn’t begin to describe it. Blessed. Embraced. Cared for. Looked after. Entertained. Guided. Really, just loved.

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