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Just grinding away

Ever have those days where you feel like your list of things to do is way too long and there's not enough time to get it all done?

  • Grade 12th grade unit 9 summative exams

  • Write individualized reports for each of my advisory students, none of which I have in any of my classes

  • Provide feedback on personal project papers for two 10th grade students

  • Prepare plans for a substitute teacher on Wednesday.

  • Figure out what to have a sub do with my 11th graders on Wednesday???

  • Pack for trip to ACAMIS golf tournament

  • Finish grading internal assessment papers

  • Plan for the chess club CCA I will miss Thursday

  • Plant a tree because of the guilt I will feel making a few million copies before I leave Tuesday morning

Yes, Im whining. Apologies. I'm sure you don't check out my blog to hear this. I'm feeling a responsibility to entertain and share my adventure. This past week has been a a slog. No other nice way to say it. I did get in a nice bike ride around West Lake yesterday, but that was just a mental break. I didn't even mind that I lost my rear brakes. It happens. I'll get them fixed.

Good news? I'm two days away from being on a golf trip. I'll have something cool to share in a few days. Until then, back to the grind.

Lastly, that picture above is totally appropriate. I have a lot to be thankful for. I don't have ice cream, but my blessings are many.

Update: My neighbor Paulo made fresh baguettes and brought me some warm out of the oven. Melted some butter on one. Divine goodness.

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Hey, we all go through this! Power through, this too will

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