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Korean BBQ, or maybe not

Can't believe I've never tried Korean BBQ. I know I didn't have to come to the other side of the planet for this. I know it's something I could have had in Bellingham, but just never tried it. My perception is that it's a sweeter BBQ. Probably something I'll love. I've been trying to avoid sugar for quite a while so that plays a factor in this too.

Of note. The ride in a taxi was the scariest yet. Dude was all over the road and aggressive. I went from the right side of the back seat to the middle and had to grab the seat in front of me. My "dude!?!?" exclamtion caught his attention, but his driving style didn't change. Wheeeeee!

Arrived at a Korean BBQ place and it was PACKED. We opted for a place where conversation was possible and decided on a Japanese BBQ place that was very similar.

That's a small super hot BBQ pit with coals in the center of the table. The wait staff brought out an insert with the hot coals in it that fit neatly into the table. Thinly sliced beef was our selection along with a seafood salad and some sushi. So good. I had no idea what this was all about. Not sweet like I was thinking. The beef cooked in minutes. Other tables around us were cooking other things like veggies and pineapple slices. We had some mushrooms and corn. The communal aspect of cooking the meal together was cool. It was similar to a pot of fondue. After dinner we did some quick shopping and strolled along the river.

Ok. Inquiring minds will want to know. I had dinner with Daisy (Xiaoyan). Her English is excellent. She's super nice with an interesting story. She's worked for a company in the states and has spent a lot of time in Houston, Buffalo, and Montreal. She's originally is from China and is working HR for this same company here in Hangzhou. It was a great first dinner. Looking forward to a second.

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There is a great Korean place just like that where you cook your food at the table up in Richmond, BC. Super fun.

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