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Ladies night 2

I hosted a ladies night for poker last school year. Doing it again tonight. I'm expecting a full table again. Really excited to introduce Aiyun to several of my friends here at HIS. Table ready. Some of the food and drinks ready. Here we go. Just need to remember to take some pictures.

It's the morning after now. I'm up early and cleaning up the apparent tornado that hit in my space. Must mean it was a good night. Aiyun is still fast asleep. We were so tired when the game ended last night that we just left the mess. I didn't grab any pictures, but Aiyun did. We will have to see what she has on her phone.

Cultural note of the weekend. If you invite a Chinese person to your home for anything they will bring you a gift of some form. Gillian walked in with bags of food and flowers for me. Aiyun brought me an end table nightlight with a built in phone charger. It's the super cool kind where you just set your phone on it. No need to plug it in. Also has a Bluetooth speaker in it. It's a thing that they do.

We had a full table of nine players last night. The game lasted about four solid hours with a couple showing up a bit later. It worked out well because we got to sit around and chat about random things, and eat, and drink. One of our first time players (Avi) showed great patience for the first three hours and then erupted winning several big hands. She cashed out 422 RMB ahead as the big winner of the night. Aiyun also showed great promise as a poker player. She was the first one to figure out that increasing your betting size when you had a good hand was a good idea.

Anita is the only one missing in the pictures (and the photographer, Aiyun) as she was held up at day two of the suit fitting. Several of the ladies at school signed up for fittings in the two day event.

Racing on the TV early in the morning watching the Tuscy 50 at the Port Royal Speed Palace. We have a large BBQ event this afternoon here at school. I think we'll maybe hit West Lake tonight after it gets dark. I've got my mind on Tanghulu (sugar covered strawberries). As always I'll try to remember to take some pictures.

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