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Ladies poker night

OMG. I'm so tired, but I need to write about tonight. That was super fun. I had six of the ladies from school here tonight to learn about poker and give it a go. We started by learning the hand rankings and played through a bunch of mock hands to see how the winner of each hand was determined. We then moved onto the button (dealer), the blinds, and vocabulary like check, bet, and bluff. They all learned super fast.

My voice is shot. I've been at so many basketball games the past two days yelling that I'm starting to sound like Barry White. Oh Baby... Seriously, I always lose my voice after being sick. I feel way better now, but the voice losing thing is a regular occurrence for me. Not sure what will remain after four more basketball games tomorrow. We shall see.

This was our crew tonight:

Starting on the left: Gabby, Tia, Anna, Gillian, Cocoa, and Justine. I've got a long list of other interested ladies, but this was my first crew.

Highlights of ladies poker night:

  • I dealt a Royal Freakin Flush to Gabby. First one I've ever dealt. I've played millions of hands and I've only ever had one myself. To add to that, I also dealt her quad queens. Who's the best dealer?

  • Tia got smashed drunk. Her husband Jeremy was the bartender and helped me out by shuffling all night. She had a rough week and needed tonight. I was happy to help out.

  • 1100 RMB in chips bought. 1100 RMB paid out. Gabby was the big winner.

  • Game lasted about four hours. It was nice to sit around my living room and chat for a bit before we got to the poker table. Lots of snacks. Lots of drinks. Good times.

  • I always use the same playlist for background music when dealing. It's a Motown/Philly Soul mix of artist. I get positive comments on it every time. Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Supremes, etc.

Regular game again next Saturday. Looking forward to that, but tonight was lots of fun too. Really happy to share my love of poker with more friends.

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