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Ladies Poker Night

A special night. Good food and better friends. My math colleague Marcela offered to provide a Latin meal for us and we all jumped at the opportunity to combine it with another ladies poker night.

One new comer tonight, Jenny. Last year my friend Paul sold me his favorite chair before he returned to the UK. We made Paul's day by sending him a picture of his favorite teacher in his favorite chair.

So happy we were able to arrange this around a weekend where Aiyun could be here too. I've been telling her my favorite food is definitely Mexican, so I was super happy that Marcela had offered to supply us with a great variety of items to make tacos with. Add in the chips, guacamole, salsas, and margaritas and it was a perfect meal. Three types of pork and a chicken. Fresh cheese and rice. Small corn tortillas. Awesomeness.

There was a chance we were going to need to cancel due to the amount of cold and flu running through the school, but we persevered. Avi, Anna, and Karlene had to bail on us due to a household full of sick kids and husbands, and I am just recovering as well. Poker was fun as always. Tia's husband Jeremy stuck around as full time card shuffler.

From L to R: Gillian, me, Jeremy, Aiyun, Tia, Jenny, and Marcela. I'm 100% certain ladies night will be back by popular demand in the new year.

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09 de dez. de 2023

Living the life Schick! Enjoy your posts, hope you are feeling better.

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