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Last day off

I get to go to work tomorrow. Notice? I GET to go. Not that I have to. I’m ready to dive into a new school year and learn a entirely new system. New email. New online grade program. New books and curriculum. Ready? Set? Blast off!

After breakfast attempted to play some hoops again. I was fine for about 10 minutes, and then was spent. Played for about 40 minutes. 100+ degrees outside. No idea inside, but it was stoopid hot. My shirt was drenched. When I took it off to get into the shower it was…gross. Thankfully I sweat jasmine and roses. I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

Third shower of the day after returning from a bike ride to the school. Did 5.5 miles in about 25 minutes. Felt like I was top speed most of the way, but stoplights at intersections just killed my momentum. Lots of other bike and scooter traffic as well. Doesn’t everyone just know to get out of my way? Of course we’ll all know that everyone faster on the road than us is crazy and everyone slower is a moron. Amirite?

Dinner tonight with many new teachers. We are in a place called Billie Jean. It’s a weird mismatch of two American decades. It’s got a 50s diner vibe, but 80s Michael Jackson stuff all over.

Many of our gatherings so far feel like they’ve been in ex-Pat restaurants and bars. I’m told at some point I’ll have lots of desire for restaurants with a home flavor so it makes sense I guess.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 19, 2022

Jasmine and roses?! uh I'm calling bs on that. I've guarded you on the bball court and jasmine & roses are not quite the words I would use... just sayin :)

Yea, I was thinking along the lines Steve was thinking about the age difference... made me think of the poster "one of these don't look like the others" Not that I'm going to give anyone grief about gray hair (what little I do have is gray-well ok white). And dude you are a freakin rock star doing what you're doing... How many folks would take that leap of faith? (not many). Also, with Steve on the "new online grading" --I've said for years school would be perfect if you…


When Joe was in China (Beijing area) he noticed a lot of that mismashing of time, like faux Greek stuff mixed with modern Chinese, etc. Not sure how widespread that is though. The group of teachers all look pretty young. Is that accurate? Seems like a younger person adventure, which is why you're a hero for doing this at an older age! But you are too excited for some rather mundane stuff: new online grading?!?! Ugh. Still, like how you wove in the Caddyshack reference.

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