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Late night trip to the Apple store

I didn't leave my classroom tonight until 6:00pm. Being prepared for the next day of school is something I need. I can't leave my room until I know I have notes, copies, etc taken care of. At times I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel. I only have student versions of my text book to work with, so I'm limited when it comes to provided resources. I may look into a purchase order and see if the school will buy me a teachers edition and some support materials.

Making matters worse is we're still waiting on access to the IB test bank of questions. It's an online repository of questions we use to create formative and summative exams. Right now I'm forced to make everything from scratch. This blows.

So anywho... I knew my school was an Apple school before I came. With this in mind I bought an a Apple MacBook Air. I was an Apple-guy for a lot of years. I've owned a lot of Macs, but drifted away from them as Meridian School District sort of forced it on us to go with Windows machines. I've been very happy with the computer until recently. My USB-C ports have an issue. The charging cord often doesn't want to connect and my audio and video connections won't work at all. I spent a lot of time (and money) troubleshooting the problem testing just about every possible thing it might have been other than the computer. It's the computer. Damn.

Thankfully Apple is solid when it comes to honoring their warranty. So I locate the Apple store here in Hangzhou and get in a cab. Unfortunately the store is next to West Lake, but still, how busy can the place be on a Monday night at 7:00pm?

Yeah. That busy. The place was a freakin zoo, and I was the giant dumb ape. It was solid people on both floors. Fortunately it didn't take too long to find an employee that spoke English, well, let's call it enough English to let me know I needed to make a reservation to get my computer looked at. She helped me make a reservation. I get to go back on Saturday at 11:45am. I'm good with that.

As I walked back out I should have taken a picture or a video, but I was spent. This part of town was crazy hopping next to West Lake. I hadn't eaten yet and I was exhausted. I just wanted a cab back to my apartment so I could collapse.

Mission accomplished. Hoping Saturday will go well and the tech will quickly be able to fix the issue. I'm relying on using my computer hooked to my TV for movies, football, and racing. It sort of sucks watching it on a small laptop. We'll see.

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Shane, that is damn funny.

Dave, about the music question, do you see any pop, rock music venues? I'm guessing Kpop is popular but how much has western pop music infiltrated into their pop music?


David Shick!
David Shick!
Sep 27, 2022
Replying to

Bro. That’s just cold.

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