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Lazy Saturday

I needed that. That kid on the couch? That was me today. Even the foot up on the back of the couch. That exact pose. Nailed it.

I've felt like I've been on the "go" all the time for a couple of months. Today I laid on my couch for most of the day and binged The Office starting from season 1.

I was up and moving early. Had laundry done and completed my yoga practice by 8:00am. Hit my classroom to finish writing a test and plan for the coming week. I got planned through...Monday. Watched our kids play in a volleyball tourmant until about 11:00.

And then? Couch. All day. I didn't read. I didn't go anywhere. I did nothing but chuckle at The Office and snack on pistachios. Going to follow that up with a pizza later. Perfect.

I have plans tomorrow. The golf thing I've been planning has netted three dudes. Richard, Axel, and Jeremy want to hit some golf balls. Will report on that tomorrow. Also planning on getting together with Daisy again tomorrow night. Perhaps a sunset walk by the river? We had planned to meet sooner, but we're both just getting over a cold.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Nov 01, 2022

That sounds oddly like a Tuesday in retirement.... not to be a complete a-hole. Realized, again, today that Proto can run circles around me... installing a new deck-well, truth be told, Mike is building it and I am the ultimate gopher. That man is a machine!

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