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Learning about IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program has several levels. The highest level is the 11th and 12th grade years. It’s called the Diploma Programe (DP). Within this two year DP program there is a standard level (SL) and a high level (HL). I teach both an 11th and 12th grade class. Each is HL. In order to complete the HL diploma programe kids have to do quite a bit over their last two years. This includes two years of six different required subjects, a large battery of tests, many written papers in each subject, and a theory of knowledge class. These HL kids are crazy busy. It’s a lot of pressure.

Students in my HL class will have to write a 12 to 20 page paper on a mathematical subject of their interest. I get to grade them. I’m currently learning about the completion and grading standards. Students have to write about mathematics, they have to do mathematics, and the paper’s audience is their fellow students. Students generally complete this paper in the first half of their 12th grade year. I’m excited to see what kids come up with. My experienced colleague Matt tells me I will need to have them bring me some form of calculations soon. We want to get into this quickly.

During the two years that I have them in my class they cover both the Calculus and Statistics. I’ve got about ten years of experience with both courses. This was the main factor that put me in demand when I started looking for an international job.

I was hoping to get to a driving range this weekend, but I’m swamped. I have to put another five hours into a training session for each day this weekend and the World of Outlaws are at Skagit. I don’t want to miss that. Let’s plan on next week me for the driving range. I’m generally wasted tired at the end of the workday right now. I hope this will get easier as the year progresses.

My ayi (maid) came for the first time yesterday. Holy crap is my place spotless. Like, amazingly spotless. Very satisfied with her work, but there’s no way she’s doing my laundry. I know it sounds odd to most, but I get a warm fuzzy out of cleaning laundry.

Also got together with Axel and played some cribbage this morning. Good times.

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
03 sept 2022

So, the important question...who won at crib? looks like that game was a bit close... Let Axel know that he does need to double skunk you... just sayin'

Be well my friend

Me gusta
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