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Let’s check this out…

An extra day off. Of course I go to my classroom and spend four hours prepping for the next two days. Write two formative tests. Make keys, and then of course spend forever editing and making changes. New keys. Golden.

Jump on the bike and head to the closest larger grocery store, Wumart. I need candy type prizes for my non-cash prize box. Bought some Snickers bars and another fruity hard candy. Anything in small pieces. Took another route back and I'm so glad I did. Heading down a road that looked like this...

I ran into this...

Parked the bike and started to explore. There was a young man inside the gate making sure I had my health screen code on my phone. I can see

The top of this temple from my apartment. Wanted to explore it. No time like the present.

There was a service of some kind taking place in the main temple. I shot a couple of videos of that. I'm assuming this is a Buddhist temple. Not 100% sure. I don't think I saw a Buddha statue anywhere. The place is mostly poured concrete, but had a lot of older wood. It looked quite fragile. Have a plethora of pics...

And some more pics, because why not?

Here was my first video of the service in progress. I hope the sound comes through okay.

I found another small temple and got some video inside it as well.

I was super worried that I was going to offend someone taking pictures and video, but the opposite was true. Another man dressed in red robes walked up behind me with a smile. He put his hands together in a prayer position and bowed his head. I felt very welcome. It was a cool moment. I said thank you on my way out and was glad I dared to explore.

In other news I saw this today. Ummm, okay.

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