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Let’s teach some golf!

I continued my lazy Saturday into Sunday morning. I think I addicted myself to The Office. Also watched some sprint cars back in the states. Glad to see Shane Golobic from California win a big race. Met him last year at Knoxville. A humble guy. They're easy to root for. He was genuinely uncomfortable that I knew who he was and asked about his newborn daughter. I can't imagine being famous and not really realizing that I'm famous.

Met up with Jeremy and Axel and we headed to the driving range. It's been nice having a friend with a car. Lugging my clubs into the back seat of a taxi sort of sucks. Jeremy has hit before, but wanted some help. Axel was starting at square one. He mentioned hitting some when he was much younger but felt like he was clueless.

Hitting the golf ball is a super complicated affair. I realize this every time I try to help a beginner. I started Axel out with posture and grip. I handed him a wedge and we focused on being smooth. That didn't go well. He had a "swing to kill" mentality. I can relate. I'm the same way. It didn't take long for him to want to hit the driver. We're kindred spirits Axel and I. He struggles mightily at first, but began to make some solid contact. It wasn't long before he developed a monster slice from swinging harder. Here he is in full on attack mode. The flying right elbow is pretty evident in this pic. We did the club cover under the arm to try and get him to turn the body with the club. It helped a bit.

If Axel had a swing to kill mentality Jeremy was the full nuclear option. His swing was sudden and violent. When he slowed down a bit he had some nice swings. This was one of his better finishes.

That was super fun. I wish Axel and I weren't in a hurry. It would have been nice to grab a drink or ten after and chat some more, but Axel had to get ready for school tomorrow and I'm planning on meeting Daisy. She's way better looking than they are.

Daisy and I walked by the river and talked for about three hours. Maybe write about that tomorrow. Family? Future? Politics? We covered a lot of bases.

Final note from today. The guys were super appreciative for the help today. Made me feel pretty good to see these messages later today.

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Nov 06, 2022

a couple things, one....HULK SMASH! Boom.

glad you got some time for golf

Sounds like a good time with Daisy!

i think you've met many a driver that didnt know what kind of fan base they really have, your always great chatting with them when you meet them and that has to feel good for them!


Nov 02, 2022

Sounds like my golf game.


David Shick!
David Shick!
Oct 31, 2022

Yeah. Too many favorite episodes to count. It's hilarious. I'm somewhere in season 5. It's consuming way too much of my time now.


Did you get to my favorite episode where they run a 5k for rabies?

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