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Life is not a game of perfect

Getting over a cold I’ve been doubting that I would host a poker game tonight, but we’ll make it happen as long as I don’t have a temperature or I’m hacking stuff up. Feels like I’m through the worst of it. Easy day of classes and I’ll get to sit at my desk most of the day and rest as students test or work on projects.

Game was fun. Played for about four hours after a late start. Went the final two hours without raking a single pot. Oh the ups and downs of a poker life. A lot like golf. Don’t get too high. Don’t get too low.

After the game a group of us sat around and talked until about 3:00am while drinking entirely too much. Good times. conversation was almost entirely about international schools. Mostly about the differences in the ones in China compared to other countries. I don’t have experience in other countries so I’m forced to rely on the opinions of other international teachers that have taught in South America, Europe, the Middle East, etc. Apparently Chinese international schools lack the diversity you will find In other countries. I totally believe it. When I came here to Hangzhou I expected to find a percent of expat families that would populate this school, but they’re almost non-existent. I don’t think there’s a single kid at this school from the states that doesn’t have a parent working here at the school. Our student population is composed of kids from China that have wealthy families. There is a small percentage of kids from India, Japan, and Korea, but not that many.

I had considered getting a round of golf in today, but staying up past 3am put the kibosh into that plan. Instead I hit golf balls on my own personal driving range at the school today. A great sand wedge session. Three groups of 57 swings. 171 total wedges at a small target at about 110 yards away. Hit the target several times. Not bad. Super consistent day and the face of my wedge tells the tale.

That’s what the club face is supposed to look like after a good range session.

I’ve become addicted to golf. Been that way for several years. It’s a great metaphor for life. Days with good results. Days with bad results. How we handle those days whether good or bad says a lot about who we are and who we want to be. If you play at all I highly recommend this book.

Rotella gives the typical angry golfer a game plan for how to have the right mind set heading into a round of golf. It’s true in all aspects of life. Having the right mindset helps us handle adversity when it comes along. Loved this review of the book that I found online.

It is a wonderful book on philosophy, the power of mindset, and life through the medium of golf. There are lots of aha moments for weekend warrior golfers and lots of guidance to anyone who wants to achieve anything in life while maintaining happy relationships. As Doc says, "None of us get out of this alive (life), so we might as well enjoy it while we are here!"

Not bad. I just ordered another copy of this book. Planning to give it to a student that plays a lot of golf. Thinking it will help him with his anger issues when he plays poorly. We've talked about it. He agrees its an issue for him.

What game is one of perfect? None. Just like all our entertainment pursuits, life is not a game of perfect either. We try. We make mistakes. We learn. We hope to do better next time facing similar adversities. I don't want to get all preachy, but it's stuff you learn with more age. I'm 54 now, and it's starting to feel old. Wise? Maybe. More wiseass at times. If I only knew then what I know now, but that's folly. No point in lamenting past mistakes. Better to try and be present and live in the moment.

Up early tomorrow to watch some golf, racing, and maybe hit more golf balls on the range. Would be nice to go to a real range and hit some long irons. Hoping that success with the sand wedge can translate to a six iron. Probably not so easy. We shall see. Take some notes. Learn. Try something different. Learn some more. Rinse. Repeat.

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My Calc students started their volume project yesterday. They are so excited and so motivated. A nice change from last year's group. I brought in the project that a student named Collin made a few years ago. I had to go fetch it from Shick!'s classroom because Collin is subbing in for Dave while he's gone. I asked him why he felt it was OK to take the project from the wall in the lounge and hang it in his room. His response "well, it does have my name on it". Fair. I presented that project as "the standard to achieve". It was the best I've seen in my years and my current class is motivated to do bett…

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