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Mall shopping 9 days before Xmas

In the states this would be insane on a Saturday. Well, it would have been insane before Amazon and other online retailers. In the 80s this would have been "the" day where a mall access might have felt as crowded as an NFL football game. How crowded was the mall in China?

Not bad. Christmas is a thing here, but not on the same scale as the states of course. The Nike store was empty. They were one of the few stores that had any form of decoration seen here in the picture above.

Chinese New Year is the big holiday each year here in China. It's the first full week of February this year. My plans are to spend it with Aiyun and her family in Shanghai. It's has a Thanksgiving feel to it. Gather with family and have a big meal.

Shopping complete. I even found some wrapping paper. In and out in about an hour, and that's with extra random roaming just to get out and have a walk. I was considering some screen golf today, but I think I'll make that my adventure out tomorrow after the slate of NFL games are over. Fantasy football playoffs. Perhaps more on that tomorrow.

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