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Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the start of the mid-autumn festival. Made it to Powerlong mall again tonight to buy some more housewares. There's a Japanese store there that has excellent stuff. Placemats, towels, kitchen utensils, bowls and plates, bathroom stuff, bedding, etc. Yes, I enjoyed buying housewares. Say what you will. Apparently I've been domesticated, and I only had to travel to the other side of the planet to get there.

The mid-autumn festival is celebrated with mooncakes and has it roots in a celebration of the moon. There's an entire story about a hero and his lady escaping their worldly bounds and fleeing to the sky. I'm not sure of the details, but I did see lots of impressive dresses and costumes at the mall. I wasn't able to get any good pics, but here are my lame attempts.

Today was also teacher day here in China. Both taxi drivers (getting picked up and dropped off) asks if I was a teacher. That was because I'm at the gate of a school. They each wished me a happy day.

Last note. Jaime's son Eddie has his 5th birthday tomorrow. He was pretty excited to have ice cream cake. Good times socializing with my apartment mates.

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