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Mom and her sisters

Took mom to Tacoma today to hang out with her sisters at my cousin Shelly's house. Mom's sister Billie is house sitting there while Shelly's family is away on vacation. They will have all day to visit and I'll go play a round of golf with my surrogate sister Marni. I'm hopeful this will go better than our last visit to Tacoma when mom didn't recognize anyone.

L to R: Eleanor, Wendy, Nelda (mom), Billie

Mom's brain is turning into Swiss cheese. Her short term memory just doesn't operate well anymore. After arriving here in Tacoma she asked Billie multiple times, "Who's house is this?" She might also be losing a bit of her sense of reality. She's been telling people about a place she could live in Tacoma near her sisters. It's right across the street from a VFW where she could go dancing all the time. Problem is the place doesn't exist. We think she dreamed it up in her head. Wendy, Billie, and I let her know that it wasn't a place we could find and that she was likely mistaken. She dropped the topic today, but I expect she will come back to it again soon. We shall see.

They had a nice day together. They had lunch and played some uno with a standard deck of playing cards. That's what we've been playing together over the past few weeks. She mentions often that she can't remember the rules to card games so we've invested some time into playing an easier game consistently with her. Fingers crossed that it will stick. When I picked mom up today she was in good spirits and the drive home went well. We had dinner at a burger joint before I dropped her off at her home.

Playing 9 holes with Marni was great. I appreciate her honesty and straight forward conversation. We're accountability buddies. We ask each other the questions that sometimes have answers that we don't want to discuss. I ask her how she's managing her vices and she does the same for me. She let me know about an interaction where I offended someone. I let her know I'll make it right. Again, I appreciate her letting me know and holding me to a high standard. She's about to move down to Portland to a new nursing job. I hope it works out for her there as I know she would like to be closer to her son Pat.

Buzzing around making sure that I touch base with people this past few weeks has been a mad rush. I've got a long list of people that I wanted to touch base with and I'm down to only one more. I'm planning on attending yoga class with my teacher Maureen tomorrow and then buying her lunch. Looking forward to catching up with her. She's had a big impact on my life and I can't thank her enough.

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