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Mom move - take 2

Up super early anticipating a call from either my buddy Mike or my aunt Wendy. Really wanting to call and check in to find out how the day is going. I opted to wait and be patient. Got this text message after a few hours.

Huge relief. Mike has been through this process twice in a couple of weeks. Not sure how we would have made it this far without him. He lost his mom a few short years ago. I'm sure she's been on his mind a lot lately.

My aunts Wendy and Billy were there waiting for mom to help her acclimate to her new home.

Having Wendy and Billy closer are a big deal. Mom will also get to see other family members like her sister-in-law Eleanor, her friend George, and many other relatives. I'm wondering why I didn't just try to make this happen to begin with. I guess selfish purposes. Proximity to where I'll live when I get back to Bellingham. Wendy suggested some items that mom needs in her new place. Amazon to the rescue. Quick delivery right to her new door. Fingers crossed for a peaceful transition for her.

After school sat and chatted with my buddy Ian. He would like to golf with me more, but he has a lot of commitments. We got out onto the field after the kids left campus and hit some golf balls.

Yes, those lights are on in the distance. As we finished picking up our last group of shots it was very dark out. Good times.

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