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Mom moved today

That was a tough night of no sleep. Mom was being moved today to the adult family home from her assisted living facility. Not being the one there to manage all this and help has been a challenge. I've been super concerned about how she will react to this situation and it's a helpless feeling being on the wrong side of the planet. I hate that I feel like I'm putting this responsibility on others this weekend, but thankful for the help from family and friends.

Move completed and her attitude and spirits seem to be good. Spoke with her on the phone a few hours after her arrival. The move provided the opportunity to assess some wardrobe needs. Orders made on Amazon and having them shipped directly to her new address. Speaking of which. I know I have several readers that will want to know how to contact her.

Nelda Shick

1836 East Badger Road

Everson WA 98247

+1 (360) 510-5531

She still has her cell phone, but guessing it got put in a wrong box during the move. The phone number here is the house landline that all the residents have access to. I'm sure she would love to hear from some of you via a phone chat or a letter.

Step one of this big change seems to have gone smoothly overall. The next step is getting her approved for Medicaid which has its own set of challenges. I have an online meeting with a representative from DSHS (department of social and health services) at the end of this week. Medicaid is a federal program that supplies those without means health care services. It's not Medicare. Medicaid is federal, but the federal government leaves it up to states to manage their own programs which of course means that different states have wildly different rules at times.

To qualify for Medicaid in Washington state you have to have less than $2000 in assets and earn less than $2400 per month. The kicker is you can't have given your assets away. They do a five year background check to see where your money went. I've got mom's financial records for nearly the past four years through her current bank (Wells Fargo), but I still need her records through her old bank (Umpqua) from Tacoma. With a Power of Attorney (POA) already in hand from three years ago I was thinking this wouldn't be a problem. It's a problem. Umpqua bank doesn't respect the POA that was signed and notarized because it wasn't signed in one of their branches. Seriously? Seriously. Fortunately they have a branch in Bellingham. Moira will have to take mom in person to the branch to request her financial records. That might be entertaining. We shall see.

Here in Hangzhou I've spent most of my weekend working on grading exams and creating new assignments. After some snow two nights ago I hope it's warm enough this afternoon so I can hit some golf balls on our soccer field. The regular Friday night poker game had to be canceled after not having enough players. That was a first. Thinking I'll have quite a crowd in two weeks when we try again. Just a factor of too many people having conflicting plans on a specific night.

Good conversations on the phone with several friends back in the states today. I needed that. Looking forward to being back, but 100% know I'm going to miss several things about life here. Sounds like another blog post topic in the making.

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