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Mom’s Adventure Continues

Good: Glad to report I've been able to check some boxes in paperwork for my mom on the Medicaid front. I was able to stop her charitable donations through her bank. I made contact with the Office of Personnel Mannagement (OPM) and found out they would be of no help, but I don't think it will be important to get them too involved. Her retirement annuity will keep rolling into her bank account and I can manage that for her. I'm feeling good about the other irons I have in the fire and don't see our May 1 deadline as being too much of an obstacle.

Bad: Well, maybe not bad, but change. Simran had a psychiatrist from DSHS come out to do an interview and make an assessment. It didn't take long for him to realize she needed major help. Back to the hospital and the social worker will start a process of finding a new place to live. The psychiatrist will write up his report and advocate for her. Like most things in life I'm running across some people that really want to help and show legitimate empathy. At the same time we run into others that have their own problems at the moment. Never can be sure of what's going on in the life of a stranger. I'll continue to try and tread lightly and be a "gentle" man like RJ in The Last Emperor. Easily one of my all time most memorable lines in a movie. This conversation between Pu Yi and Reginald Jennings during their first meeting really resonates with with me.

  • Pu Yi: Where are your ancestors buried?

  • RJ:     In Scotland, Your Majesty.

  • Pu Yi: But then where's your skirt? "In your country men wear short skirts, do they not?"

  • RJ:     No, Your Majesty, Scotsmen do not wear skirts... they wear kilts

  • Pu Yi:  Kilts?

  • RJ:     A matter of words perhaps but words are important

  • Pu Yi:  Why are words important?

  • RJ:     If you cannot say what you mean, Your Majesty... you will never mean what you say. And a gentleman should always mean what he says

  • Pu Yi:  Ah yes! A gentleman. Are you a gentleman?

  • RJ:     I try to be a gentle man, Your Majesty. 

We tried the adult family home because it felt like a "home". Apparently not going to work out so onto the next thing whatever that may be. Bizarre thing. I got mom on the phone today and asked her how it's going. In the most pleasant voice she gives me a "Great. I'm coloring. The sun is up and I just came in from a walk." I'm picturing a child of about four or five in terms of mentality. Yep. That's about right. This was great to hear in a happy voice. Makes the heart swell a bit. For a moment I had some hope that this new place was going to work. Things were going to get better. That didn't last long.

Two hours earlier she was hitting Simran with a toothbrush and refusing to use the toilet because of the bugs all over the place. She opted to pee in the shower sitting on the stool there. Compromise is good I guess. There were stories again of seeing dead people. More hallucinations centered on bugs. More attempts to leave the house. Simran is still trying to kill her. Dang. However, a change in delusion today. She went on to tell me that it was the hospital she worked in for thirty years, not the post office.

Okay. Next challenge up. Back to the hospital where she will wait until we can find her a new home. The psychiatrist is going to be an advocate for mom. Talking to him on the phone I felt convinced he was going to make it all better, or do his best to help us out. I can't say I'm upset or freaking out. She wasn't happy there. Not sure why. Perhaps only because it was change. Will she be happy somewhere else? I hope so, but remain a bit worried that if she's unhappy our choices might be limited, or possibly even eliminated entirely.

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