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Mom’s health

Leaving the states for China was not too difficult after I contemplated what I was getting into. I miss my friends. I miss my daughter and her family. I'm miss my mom. A year and a half into this adventure and I've got one major concern. My mother's health.

When I left I felt confident that she was in a good situation. She enjoyed her assisted living situation at Summit Place. She was safe and looked after daily. Her dementia was at the levels that made me think she could function fine for many years to come. Moira's job is quite literally across the street for emergencies, and mom likes Moira more than she does me. It's the nature of being Grandma. She's tells me often that the happiest ten years of her life were spent with Moira.

Emergency has struck. She contracted a UTI and her dementia has turned into some hallucinations. She was taken to the hospital and will be looked after there for a couple of days. Moira was able to be with her until she got her own room. She will be able to see her tomorrow too. Being here on the other side of the world is a helpless feeling. I was aware that something like this could happen. Not sure what "this" is at the moment, but the not knowing only makes it worse for me. That sounds selfish. I know it's not about me. Whatever I'm feeling isn't really comparable to what she's currently going through. Being 84 years old in the hospital has to be a scary feeling. She's seeing things that aren't there and talking about getting back to the convention thats not really going on. Doctors are telling us that any sort of infection can escalate the effects of dementia in a big way. It's feasible that I could hop on a plane if necessary and be home in a day not two, but for the moment that doesn't feel necessary. I'll update as I learn more.

Tomorrow is Aiyun's birthday. Getting on a train to go see her for a few days in about ten minutes. I've never been in a Chinese train station that felt so empty.

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