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Mom update

Medicaid application completed and turned in. I'm fully prepared for them to say NO and then have to take the steps to appeal the decision. My gut tells me this is standard.

Moira will be visiting a memory care facility tomorrow in Lynden. I'm hopeful she returns with a good report. When I spoke to one of the administrators there today it sounds like there's a chance they will say "no thanks". We're stuck in an awkward financial situation now. No facility wants to take someone in that won't have financial backing to pay their bills. Medicaid is not a guarantee in the long run. I could hire a lawyer to help the process, but mom can't afford that, so for now we're stuck hoping the system works as it should. She's been paying Summit Place around $4500 per month for 30 months. Her net income (pension) is about $2300 a month. This means she drops about $2000 a month from her bank account. She's down to $18000 right now. That would have gotten her to the finish line with Summit Place, but now that's all in the past. Summit Place requires three years of paying full freight before they would accept Medicaid as payment. The entire system is... (insert your choice of bad words here).

Medicaid has some set minimums to qualify. You have to earn less than $2800 per month. You can't have assets totalling more than $2000. I've been advised to start the process now, even though she doesn't qualify due to having too much money in the bank. That will change in a few months as she goes broke. This process of spending your assets is called the "spend down". An industry term I've heard often the past two years. The Medicaid office will next start an investigation into where her money went. Thankfully we have good records to show that the money she did have was spent on her care. If they find evidence that it was given away or used haphazardly its justification for denial. The only asset that she had in the past five years was her car, and I bought that from her and let Moira use it. If there are other barriers in this process I've yet to discover them. Time will certainly tell. Onward and upward into the world of elder care.

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JP Singh
JP Singh
Feb 05

Always praying for her good health, Hopefully she gets better!


My mom passed in November. You outlined this journey very well. It seems one must be filthy rich or dirt poor to get help. Kudos to you for navigating this from afar. Holding you all in my❤️

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