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Morality & HHDL - Rockstar

Up, yoga, hit golf balls, shower, breakfast buffet, and now it’s only 8:00am. Don’t think I’ll head out again today. Movies? Surf Netflix? Read? Chess? Likely watch the Osky Challenge sprint car race. It was exactly a year ago today that Tony, Durk, and I were sweating in horrible humidity with no breeze at that race. Going to wing it. That said, I still feel the need to write, so here’s some stuff…

I can’t say I’ve ever been a “religious “ person. I haven’t had faith. That said, I don’t see faith as a character flaw like some do. A Tom Hanks line from the film Angels and Demons sums it up well. When asked if he believes in God he’s pressed on what his heart tells him. He replies, “It tells me I'm not meant to. Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.” I like that. So without a written moral code how do I tell right from wrong? I try to be happy, and I find that I’m happiest when showing compassion for others.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL) is my favorite Twitter follow. I read this one yesterday.

  • The past is past; nothing can change it. But the future depends on the present; we still have the opportunity to shape it. This is not a matter of employing technology or spending more money, it's a question of developing a sense of concern for others' well-being. -HHDL

I’ve considered myself a Taoist for some time now, but I’ve got some Buddhist in me too. Well, these are directions that I would like to point myself. It’s not always easy. That’s two of the three major philosophies in China (Confucian is the other). Perhaps this is why I’ve always felt drawn to Asia?

Challenge: How does one develop a concern for others and act on that when you don’t speak their language? I’m specifically referring to strangers here. For the moment I’m trying to smile a lot and generally be gentle in my manner when encountering strangers. I feel like I’m working hard not to offend. It has already happened (tipping anyone?), but I’m quick to forgive myself and stand ready to apologize when it does happen. I guess when the opportunity presents itself I need to be ready for it. We’ll see.

Another thing I like about that quote is “This is not a matter of employing technology or spending more money”. It reminds me of a magnet on my fridge at home. I left it there for Moira and Kaleb. Not that they specifically need it, but I think it’s important to remember as a parent. The magnet has a saying on it about not needing more financially successful people in the world. We need more thoughtful compassionate people. It’s a good daily reminder for a teacher too. This fridge magnet was a gift from another rockstar in my life, coach Chili.

Final note. Got this email today…

Ugh. Stuck here on the old campus for another week. Will try to make the best of it while I wait.

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I totally agree with the Lama as well. I hear his golf tipping is pretty sweet. Things will change significantly once school starts. Then you will meet many more people and be able to spread the good vibes to your students and their families. Plus, you'll learn more ways to communicate over time. Patience my friend. Let others tee off first for a but.

David Shick!
David Shick!
Aug 10, 2022
Replying to

Yeah, patience is going to be necessary here. Fair points.


Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 09, 2022

What?!!!! You took my amazing quote off the fridge?! :D Perspective on moving... (again, not an optimist, a realist) Maybe not there but here we have an embarrassingly large number of homeless.... yes, living out of a suitcase(s) sucks-I have know idea how Tony and Ted do it... look on the upside, you will have a nice new apartment in a week'ish' and hey it could be worse.... you could have Bluto (from Animal House) as a roommate.... WHAT?! a movie reference from me... yep the earth just stood still on it''s axis for the briefest of moments.... be well my brother!

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