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More amazing food

I had to go to China to discover the awesomeness of duck and lamb. Today Aiyun and I went to a restaurant called Xibei. We had been to the same place in another city, but today we found one of the best meals I've had in China. It was roast leg of lamb that we turned into small sandwiches.

Our waitress instructed us on the proper constriction of these tasty little suckers. Here, have a look at my attempt.

The lamb was incredible. Such a rich flavor compared to simple beef. The rice buns were steamed over hot water making them warm and soft. The lamb was barbecued just right. The sauce and seasoning were a perfect mix with some onion. Sooooo good.

We also had a noodle cole slaw salad with a thick oil on it. It had just a hint of spicy to it that was perfect. The noodles were in the southern sichuan style called belt noodles. They were thick wide flour noodles. A perfect combination with the small rice bun lamb sandwiches.

Headed to Shanghai tomorrow. Maybe try to find another fun meal adventure tomorrow night near the Bund area.

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