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More mom ups and downs

My brother Dale called mom and she was glad to hear from him. Dale's wife Marie tells me mom was lucid and showed signs of a good memory. It's marks the start of a good couple of days in her new home. I'm hopeful, but realistic. Last night we ran into some of the same problems she was having in her previous location.

She was up and about late last night hallucinating bugs on the floor of her room. She woke up her roommate. Simran (admin) tells me mom was frightened. I can't imagine the experience for her. Later she was sweeping the bugs up while dressed "inappropriately". Simran asked if we could get mom a sleeping aide to help her make it through the night. She was demonstrating similar behaviors at her last place. Waking up in the middle of the night and entering others rooms waking people up. We had a tele-visit with her doctor today, but her doctor wouldn't perscribe anything without her coming in for a visit. That can't happen until next Monday. I'm nervous about how these next few nights are going to go. She's going to have a hard time being welcomed into a new home if she's waking everyone up at night.

More crappy news. We can't locate moms ID, birth certificate, social security card, or credit card. Best guess? She tossed them. I know where they were last summer. Not there now. I've already ordered her a new birth certificate. After we get that we can work on using it to get a new ID at the DMV. Next she has to take the ID to her old bank so we can get her bank records.

I was supposed to have a meeting with a DSHS representative Friday morning. No point now. I don't have her bank records for the past five years. Well isn't this just all yippie skippie good news? Not so much, but there is a glimmer of hope. After moving into her new place it's looking like we will have two months worth of fees. The hope is that it will give me enough time to finalize Medicaid prep and acceptance.

Final kick in the jewels for the day? I tried to change moms address online. Last time I did this it automatically changed her address in the federal system for her pension information. This time?

Okay Then...

Really looking forward to a weekend up in Wuxi with Aiyun. Seriously.

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What a struggle. I can understand all too well, how the distance can be so difficult. I hope you find enough help back in WA to sort this all out and you are able to enjoy your last few months in China. Keeping Aunt Nelda in my thoughts and prayers.

Replying to

Thanks, Michelle. The sentiment is appreciated. When I have mom on the phone next time I will tell you say hi. :)

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