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Moving day!

Checking out of the hotel today. Last breakfast with the crew here at the Amber House Hotel. I’ll miss certain aspects. The breakfast Buffett and company have been great. I’ve got some suitcases and boxes to move. Looking forward to unpacking everything, but will struggle with a few things. No hangers yet. I’ve got them ordered. Likely won’t be here for at least a week. Also have to return to this part of town later tonight to retrieve my eBike. That’ll be another sweaty ride followed by yet another shower. The humidity here is nuts right now. Looks like the weather will get down to a more ready ninety degrees before school starts. This triple digit thing is oppressive.

Sooooo tired laying in my new bed. Will have to see how I feel after tonight. Might need a plush topper to make it softer. Need sleep. Write tomorrow. Here’s some pics of the new place. How about that view?

Dang. I just slept for nine hours. Not sure if the bed was comfortable or I was wiped. I think wiped.

New staff members here are great so far. Many are thoughtful and energetic. I think we’re all on a high at the moment and excited for a new experience. I come at this with MUCH more experience than most of them, but many of them have international experience. Marcella (one of the other math teachers) told me last night that she knows she needs help with teaching, not her subject. I can tell she worries about class management which likely won’t be a problem here. She lacks the artistry of our profession and is looking for help. I think we’re going to have a solid collegial relationship as I’m confident I can help her grow as a teacher.

The administration has fed us a ton of meals. Both lunch and dinner yesterday. Dinner was hotdogs, pasta salad, and potato salad. I sat and talked with two of the young chaps from Britain for quite some time. David and Martin. Heavy accents for each. Both are mad Harry Potter fans and could talk about the Primere League for hours. When the World Cup rolls around this fall I think I’ll allow myself to get dragged in to that world.

Beer and wine are a thing here during campus events. It’s a vibe that made me uncomfortable at first, but already seems logical.

I’ve got boxes and suitcases emptied already, but need hangers badly for clothes. That’s not a good feeling for an organized dude, but will have to roll with it for now.

Tonight I’m headed to a show with a bunch of staff that celebrates the Song Dynasty. It lasts over three hundred years starting in the 10th century. That’s super fascinating to me. The USA hasn’t lasted that long. During this time Hangzhou was the capital of the empire, so it makes sense the locals here would celebrate this time period. It’s called the Romance of the Song Dynasty. Here are some pics from the website. Lots of lights and color. I wonder, would Nancy enjoy this or would the flashing lights be too much?

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Mike Durkee
Mike Durkee
Aug 20, 2022

Nice apartment! Beer & Wine at staff events? That would never happen here except when it was something put on by a staff member. Glad to see there was a hair dryer in the bathroom... I'm sure that is a much needed item :D oh wait for drying clothes maybe, yep who's the funny kid? The view would be pretty tough to get used to... or possibly not.

300 years there is a drop in the bucket, here... well we start talking about pilgrims and such.


Yeah, looks too flashy for her, but interested in your take. Are most of the staff younger, like 30s?

David Shick!
David Shick!
Aug 20, 2022
Replying to

Lots younger than 30. I would guess late 20s. Put the median somewhere in the 30s.

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