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Mr. David

I’m Mr. David. No longer Mr. Shick. It’s a thing here. I don’t mind. Kids are happy so I roll with it.

First two days of classes have been fun. Exhausting, but that’s expected at the start of every new year. I will need to be on my toes having an 8th grade class. That’s new thing. I have some squirrelly boys that I will need to keep busy. More games and getting kids in motion in class. All will be well.

My advanced high level (HL) classes are going to be pressure packed, but oh my, they are excellent mathematicians. I had my 11th grade group working on some “you should know this” material from the book and they rocked it. Combing roots and rational expressions are not easy tasks. They killed it. I’m excited to see what my 12th grade group has in store for me.

I have three days of IB training after school starting Friday. Not looking forward to it. The material will be interesting and I look forward to learning more about the program, but the time of day will suck big time. 3:00pm to 7:00pm. It’s because the class is being done online via zoom from Paris. IB is a world wide network. I have no other choice. C’est la vie.

I got paid yesterday. Good timing. I needed it. It was a bunch more than I expected because I get paid in USD, but they have to convert it into RMB. Right now the Chinese dollar is struggling. It’s usually a 6:1 ratio, but right now it’s closer to a 7:1. I was going to transfer funds back to the states, but think I’ll hold off a month to see if the RMB rebounds.

Getting paid means I can go crazy on TaoBao again. Ordered some artwork for my classroom walls and rugs for my apartment.

I’m feeling obligated to share some pics. Have a picture of my dinner.

I would feel weird sharing any pics of my students. Won’t go there.

This training thing is going to kill most of my weekend. I’m going to miss a staff Friday Night Lights. They’re going to play Ultimate frisbee on the new field with students. Bummed I’ll miss that.

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